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This is my Temporary Home, it’s not where I belong ♥ December 1, 2010

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When times were tough, I found a way

to bury my feelings with nothing to say.

But now that I’m older, I now understand

That these are the cards I hold in my hand.

No college degree could get me away

from the home that I hate, so I have to stay.

The cold wintry weather doesn’t compare,

and I’m starting to think it’s just not fair.

I thought at this point I’d be having fun

but all I do is feel and run.

But all I can do is hope for better,

Just for now, in December.


It’s been a while. And I hope to update more often considering I feel more now that I am home. I’m having a hard time adjusting to life after graduation. I always thought I’d have a full-time job that I loved, a place of my own, and moving on with my life instead of staying still. Instead, I have my old room, my old rules, and the same old arguments with my parents. But like I said… I’m just hoping for better this December. What are you hoping for? Thoughts?






You Better Take It From Me, That Boy Is Like A Disease ♥ September 24, 2009

Love. What comes with it? Drama, heartbreak, laughs, cries, and… sex. Now, I’m Catholic, and well… so is my roommate. My roommate is a bit more religious than I am and has chosen to wait until marriage. I completely support this decision, but as a fellow female, I can only imagine the trouble she goes through in her relationships. We’ll take the last one for example.

He swept her off her feet, complimented her, supported her, understood her, wanted to wait for her… until the waiting became too much. He then even used the “let’s get engaged” line thinking that maybe, just maybe she would have sex with someone that she was going to marry. I’m from the north. Getting married at 19 years old seems outright ridiculous.

In my roommate’s situation, what man in their right mind would take away that one special moment [the proposal] from a girl, who only wants to get married once, to justify their own sexual desires and needs. It’s outright selfish and uncalled for. A relationship as controlling and needy as this one makes her wonder if she’s ever going to find a man that is supportive, romantic, motivated, and is waiting as well. And if that’s not out there, than someone that’s atleast willing to wait for her. Are there any men out there that can think with their brain instead of their heads? Cause we’re both starting to believe the latter.♥


They Call Me Her; They Call Me Jane; That’s Not My Name ♥ September 23, 2009

It all started with Puff Daddy. He was one of many that could not decide what exactly he wanted to be called. It went from Puff Daddy to P. Diddy to Sean Combs… what’s it going to be?

I once knew this lady who had a son, and at the time he was probably about 14 years old and his name was Timothy. At a family party, she actually made him wear a shirt that said my name is Timothy, not Tim or Timmy. Like who cares? Nicknames, new names, what’s the point?

Well with many of my roommate’s love escapades, her well.. ex boyfriend, decided to drop the last letter of his first name. Like what? You think you’re better than everyone else? It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Maybe it was a disguise, a way to make himself feel better as if he became a new person, because I’ll tell you, the first person he was… was a winner!

So when I hear this “That’s Not My Name” by the Ting Tings, it just makes me giggle because I can’t wait for the day where you go up to someone and you address them as the person you once knew them as and now they’re someone completely different. It happens everday doesn’t it? That someone you thought was your friend isn’t, or someone you may have had a foul first impression of turned out not to be too shabby… well lets just add to the 21st century lingo. Get use to it kids, next thing you know, you’ll be like “Hey _____ ” and they’ll just simply reply, that’s not my name. What a headache.


I’ve Got All I Need, And It’s Alright By Me ♥

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Everyday, I listen to my roommate’s extreme relationship issues, my friends’ roommate issues, and never do I stop and think how lucky I am to A. get along with my boyfriend’s knit picky habits and B. my roommate’s dirty tissues on the floor. Needless to say, I love them both. However, my roommate’s love issues are enough entertainment to last me and probably you, through the month.

As her on again, off again relationship comes to it’s, let’s say 3242934th “end”, she has truly learned to appreciate what google has to offer to it’s viewers. Not only does it offer answers to your questions, quick links to what you need,  but it also offers free “spyware” to what exactly your boyfriend/girlfriend is up to on the internet. You always hear about these parental controls, I’m starting to believe they need to add some boyfriend/girlfriend controls. I never believed that googling your name could show pretty much anything that is posted or published about you on the internet. Not only that, what you’re subscribed to as well. So in her case, her boyfriend likes to subscribe to places like plentyoffish.com

If you have never heard of this site, and it’s not the only site that this person belongs to,  it’s definitely a way to advertise you and your desires for sex. Whatever happened to those “chivalrous hopeless romantics?” The men that bring you flowers on unexpected days, come to your door to pick you up, paying for dates, and simply just being the gentleman. Apparently men these days think that life is a gentleman’s club. Girls are to pay for themselves, open their own damn door, come outside when honked for, and flowers… what are those?

Not only do men not understand the true way to please a woman in the romantic way. we won’t even talk about the sexual way.

What ever happened to “breaking up”. Men have this unrealistic idea that they can put their “girl next door” girlfriend on the back burner while he dates the exotic, much younger, promiscuous female, and when that doesn’t work out, the girlfriend is put back on the front burner. Beggars can’t be choosers here.

My last question… for tonight… is why do men think they can make up for what they did or said with a present? In this case, he can in one way. Send us some damn Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. It’ll definitely warm the roommate’s heart ♥

And ALL I’ve learned from his sex escapades and my roommate’s constant broken heart is that “I’ve got all I need, and it’s alright by me.”